The woman chosen for the job encourages others to celebrate what they have achieved.

Her interview was not without trepidation.

Kallayah Jones is 21 years old. She has been living on the streets for the past two years. She was bouncing from one location to another; however, she could not save enough money to afford her own house.

Dakara Spence and Kallayah Jones. Image by InspireMore

When she was in Atlanta, Georgia, she was hired as a waitress in The Spot Sports Bar and Grill.

“I suffered from anxiety attacks and weak points before the job interview”, her statement to Today. “Hey, I’m chilling out,” my partner said.

Dancing in a happy mood

In the audition, Jones was herself. Dakara Spence, the restaurant manager, was aware of that and was impressed by Jones.

Dakara recalled that she was bursting with a fantastic quantity of energy. When she came in, I felt her excitement.

The interview was a success, so she danced at the entrance to the lot.

She did not realize she was performing. She was dancing “happy dance” was recorded on the restaurant’s security camera.

(Image: dakara_spence/Instagram)

“I was so happy. I didn’t even realize that the cameras had filmed me until I walked out.” KALLAYAH JOHNNES

When watching this video Dakara Spence, the manager who interviewed Jones, decided she needed to hire Jones.

Spence said that Today she could see herself within her and added that she was also homeless in the past.

When she arrived to interview, she was wearing an oversized scarf. She told the interviewer, “I’ve been there.”.

“Anyone should judge no person.” Dakara Spence Dakara Spence

Dakara then told her new employee the good new hire the good.

“I phoned her up and said that I’m going to get you hired so you can continue dancing simultaneously,’ and she shouted at me.” She said to Jones, “I had an amazing time.”


She was asked to dance and when people should perform it following her video went viral.

“Whenever you’re in a positive mood.” Suppose you get an unexpected blessing. Get up and dance when you’re presented with a fantastic opportunity and something you’ve worked for over the last few months, years, or whatever you’ve wished for. She stated, “It doesn’t matter what it is.” In another interview.

But, it doesn’t need to become her.

“Go forward and start dancing.” Dance. “Are you certain you are ready to complete everything? ?””””

Even though we’re equipped with the means to eliminate the problem, Jones’ experience is an example of how homelessness is a possibility for anyone. It also makes us feel happy about every win in life, whether it’s a new job, an assignment accomplished, or any other happiness.



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