One of the most important moments in most people’s lives is their wedding.

It is a spiritual celebration that commemorates the union of two loving hearts. Many people, however, cannot afford-it.

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Rosalyn Ferrer & Rommel Basco, a homeless couple from Pampanga, Philippines, are in this predicament.

Despite having been together for 24 years, they had never been able to afford a wedding ceremony.

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Their lives have been incredibly challenging.

They have six children and are just getting by financially as a family.

The two men who collect rubbish for scrap put food on the table with their little earnings, which barely cover their daily needs.

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After learning about Rosalyn and Rommel’s struggle, a man called Richard Strandz surprised them with a gift.

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Richard was impressed by the couple’s perseverance in the face of adversity, so when they couldn’t afford a wedding, he enlisted the support of some of his friends to give Rosaly and Rommel a makeover.

Richard’s compassionate act made the pair happy.

A photoshoot was held on the same streets where their relationship had blossomed.

Image credits: rab4love
Image credits: rab4love


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