Occasionally, when it comes to the bonds of a mother’s love, a difference isn’t that great of a difference.
You may ask Emmelina Austin and her new gorilla buddy, Kiki

Austin and her family took their 1-month-old son, Canyon, to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston a few weeks ago, and they had a great day.
As they approached the gorilla enclosure, the Austins encountered Kiki with one of her babies, a baby gorilla named Pablo, who was just seven months old. They decided to stop and observe them.


After becoming a mother herself, Canyon’s father, Michael Austin, shared his thoughts on his daughter’s relationship with Pablo. “My wife expressed her feelings that she could understand their closeness and how much she cared for Pablo,” Canyon’s father, Michael Austin, shared with The Dodo.
My wife lifted our son to show Kiki, who was on the other side of the fence… Kiki took Pablo from under our feet and carried him across the room to us on her leg.

While Emmelina and Kiki sat inches apart with their infants, they were able to bond as moms despite the physical barrier between them because of an ancient language: “[Kiki] was speaking with us through her hands,” Michael explains. Pablo placed his face against the glass in one scene, and they stood there with their noses touching while they watched him. “My wife & I were both in tears as we talked about it.” says the author.
A memory that the young family will cherish for the rest of their lives.


Michael hailed the experience as “one of the happiest moments of his life.” The memories will be a beautiful one to pass on to our son in the future!”


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