We don’t see acts of kindness very often, so when we do, we are always amazed and shocked. Lucky for us, there are people who can do great things for other people on the spur of the moment. This is exactly what happened in the story we’re about to tell.

A young woman reaches out to help a homeless man she meets. The woman’s action was like many others she had done before, but for the man, it was very different. In fact, the woman’s attention changed his life for the better. Let’s take a look at what she did:

On a normal day, Casey Fischer took a break from studying and went to her favorite coffee shop. As she got closer, she saw a homeless man on the sidewalk asking for money to buy food. He was begging. Casey went to the coffee shop soon after seeing what happened and saw the man bring the money he had raised up to the counter.

Casey Fischer

The homeless man had only about $1, which wasn’t even enough to buy one cup of coffee. Then our subject came into the picture. She not only offered to buy him coffee and donuts, but she also invited him to sit at her table. During their nearly hour-long conversation, the man, who said his name was Chris, told her about his life.

Since his mother had died and he had never met his father, he had been through a lot of tough times. He always wanted to be the kind of person his mother wanted him to be, someone who would make her proud and happy. He became sad and negative because he didn’t get what he wanted. But when Casey showed up, everything changed for the guy who was running out of money.

Chris told the girl to wait after she realized she had to go back to class. He gave her a note that said, “I was ready to give up, but you gave me some hope again.” Thank you a lot. This was a surprise to the young woman. Casey was happy with how things turned out, so she posted a picture of the note and wrote about her experience on Facebook. Followers of hers quickly replied and said what they thought, and the message was shared many times. Many people were moved and thanked the young woman for being so kind to someone who couldn’t help themselves.

We want to add our thanks to the chorus, and we hope that this kind act will serve as an example for other people who, like this young woman, may be in a similar situation and act in the same way. With best wishes, Casey.

Source: wtvideo.com


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