So it took place. It’s not a picnic in every way, but with a few changes, it’s definitely a picnic, we’re sure of that. Brighid Rose was at her parent’s house when she met this new friend. In fact, it has been making itself at home, which didn’t make Brighid’s parents very happy. They wanted the mouse to go away and hoped that their cat would do it.

But Brighid wasn’t totally on board with the whole “wish the mouse gone” thing. She decided to take a kinder approach instead. Well, this should give the word “gentle” a new meaning. She picked him up and took him out to the field behind their house. After putting the little mouse in a safe place, she used a napkin as a picnic blanket and put some food on it to make a cute little picnic. Yes, as we said at the start, it did happen.

Credit – Brighid Rose YouTube channel

Brighid said, “He even let me sit next to him for more than an hour. I thought he looked very happy.” He does look like that, though. After that, Brighid went even further. Since the mouse had never lived outside before, she gave it more food to help it get back on its feet.

“I’ve always loved all kinds of animals. I thought that, it was the proper thing to do for him” Brighid said, “It’s not really his fault that he’s a small mouse in a big world.” She does bring up a good point. He can’t help being a small mouse in a big world. Also, you can watch a video of their small picnic on Brighid Rose YouTube channel.

Credit – Brighid Rose YouTube channel

Some people might find this strange, but we don’t. We’ve seen and written about stranger things than this, but with this act and way of thinking, Brighid Rose brings a whole new level of humanity to the world. I hope you are happy for the rest of your life, Brighid.

We know that you, our wonderful readers, are kind to each other and to animals. If not, you wouldn’t be here, right? Please tell other people about this article so that good people will know they are not alone and keep doing good things for all living things.


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