Most of us would like to believe that if we found money on the street, we would return it.

As soon as a homeless person came across money that could change his life, he did the right thing and gave it back.

Elmer Alvarez discovered the $10,000 check while homeless in New Haven, Connecticut.

As someone who had been dealt a poor hand in life, Elmer could have done anything with the check, but he chose to return it to its rightful owner.

His candour eventually led him down a path that would alter the course of his life.

Roberta Hoskie, a real estate agent, misplaced the check at a busy crossroads and was unaware of its absence until the following day.

Elmer remarked that his initial instinct upon discovering the cheque was, “I have to track down this man.”

He replied that he had not entertained the possibility of cashing it for himself.

Kind homeless man returns $10K check to owner and she repays him with a home


For three years, Elmer has been clean. “I didn’t think about it because I decided to change my life.”

When Roberta found out that the check had been returned, she was determined to meet with Elmer and show him how grateful she was.

“I imagined meeting an impeccably dressed gentleman who was clean-shaven and wearing a blue suit,” she explained.

Rather than that, she contacted Elmer, who was accompanied by a friend due to his weak English proficiency, and notified Roberta that Elmer was homeless.

“It obliterated stereotypes,” Roberta stated.

Elmer sobbed when Roberta presented him with a check as a symbol of thanks.

Roberta live-streamed her meeting with Elmer on Facebook to correct common misconceptions about homeless people.

As Roberta discovered, numerous circumstances contribute to someone being homeless when living in a shelter as a teen parent on less than $400 per month to support herself and her child.

Roberta rose from impoverishment to become the owner of a multimillion-dollar real estate enterprise.

The year after their meeting, Roberta has also provided a helping hand to Elmer. Not only did she locate him a place to live and pay his rent for seven months, but she also put him in real estate school to work for her company.

The two plan to build a transitional facility for homeless teenagers and young adults to deliver Elmer’s essential services.

“I know what it’s like to be homeless.” “No one should have to live in these kinds of conditions,” he said.

Elmer returned the check without anticipating remuneration. I’m delighted that people have recognized those forced to live on the streets’ humanity and that Elmer now has the life he deserves.

When someone lends you a hand, they never forget and typically return the favour, like Roberta and Elmer are doing.



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