A new house has been found for Princess!

According to 11 Alive, a trooper with the Tennessee Highway Patrol named Pumpy Tudors recently took in and adopted a puppy that he discovered a few weeks ago, when it was suffering from the high heat on the side of an expressway. The furry arrival has been given the name Princess by Tudors and his family.

The news site further mentioned that Princess was saved on June 15, after Tudors received a tip about a dog that had been seen on a roadway and was in need of assistance. The Tudors saw the animal prostrate and tired on the shoulder of Interstate 75, and they moved immediately to provide the dog with relief from the 96 degree heat.


After discovering the puppy, Tudors gained the canine’s confidence by sitting on a chair next to her while she was playing. After Princess had established a level of comfort with the Tudors, the soldier shaded the dog from the heat of the day with an umbrella and gave it a bowl of water and some treats.

“The #MansBestFriend had a difficult day today. On this steamy summer day, a #GoodSamaritan called the attention of a Trooper to a dog that was in need of assistance. The dog was suffering from dehydration and had a critical requirement for shade and water when it was found on the shoulder of Interstate 75. Now, at the Cleveland, Tennessee Animal Control facility, this adorable puppy is receiving excellent care “A post was made on the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Facebook page not long after the rescue was completed.


The Facebook post that was made on June 15 had over 5,800 reactions, and it generated nice comments from the patrol’s followers. Among these comments were messages from a number of animal lovers who thanked Trooper Tudors for taking the time to assist the dog.

As soon as Princess has completed her rehabilitation, she will move into the Tudors’ home.



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