The 15-year-old boy and his younger sister are worthy of all the glory for noticing an elderly lady struggling and offering assistance.

Denarius was enjoying on his mobile along with the younger sibling, Diamond, while waiting to board the bus for school. Diamond noticed an unidentified woman trying to push the button in the crosswalk.

His sister informed him that she thought the woman was blind and suggested he assist her. He did not realize that his actions would be recorded and distributed nationwide.

Then, I informed Dontarius that I believed she was blind. Denarius stood up and began to assist her in crossing the street twice while I was waiting for the bus,” Diamond said.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, the young man approached the woman and asked her if she needed assistance. She replied, “yes,” and handed him a hand.

Then he steered the blind elderly lady safely across the street while his mother waited for the bus to school.

A group of dedicated teenagers didn’t think much of what they did, telling local media they were taught to do what was right.

“I was simply trying to help.”. I didn’t think I would be in front of cameras,” Dontarius told NBC’s WLWT5 News.

“I was offering an elderly person a helping hand. Giving a helping hand is essential. Everyone needs assistance,” he said.

The photo of Dontarius helping the woman was posted via social media. Within 24 hours, millions of viewers have seen the clip and have praised the teenager.

“If you are kind, what happens to them will happen to you,” Dontarius stated.

Dontarius was given a key to the school in exchange for his generosity.



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