Ravi Kahlon was a pleased father when his son brought home a note from a lonely classmate after spending time with him.

During lunch, his son observed a new student sitting alone, so he and a friend went to sit with him.

“Proud dad moment today,” Ravi wrote. My 10-year-old son noticed a new kid sitting alone. He and a friend planned to meet up with him for lunch. “

The handwritten letter has gone viral on Twitter – and left many sobbing (Image: KahlonRav/Twitter)

The new kid was so happy to be included that he wrote Ravi’s son a message that said:

Sitting outside with me
It made me feel better than anything.
Thank you.
I have a question for you.
Can I start with you?
I’ll join you outside.

“The 10-year-old felt “better than anything” as a result of his attempts to help this lonely new student. Thousands of individuals have been moved to tears due to the generosity and note. “I’m crying! It’s so wonderful!” My kid has Asperger’s syndrome, and every time he gets a play date or is invited to a birthday celebration, I cry with relief and joy. He now has many pals (which makes me happy). “Congratulations on your amazing child!” In her thank-you note, Eve M. commented. “He got this nice note at the end of the day,” Ravi revealed. “

The handwritten letter has gone viral on Twitter – and left many sobbing (Image: KahlonRav/Twitter)

This is a significant event. Despite being ostracized and bullied because she was timid and different, my daughter gave up lunch with some of her few friends to befriend a new boy who was being bullied and would speak up for him. “No one in eighth grade would talk to him,” Marcia K. explained. “What a sweet baby angel!” remarked another person. This brought a grin to my face. ” Yes!! My autistic son attends a General Education class. Whenever I visited, one of the students assisted him packing his bookbag at the end of the day. (This was a popular student in class).” wrote the author. Beth “My eye sprinklers are going off,” M.J. F. wrote.

“The best form of pride is learning your child done something good.” My youngster hid beneath the slide since he didn’t have anyone to play with. He was kidnapped by a boy who forced him to play with his friends. “I wish I could express my gratitude to his parents,” Meg N. said. “That made me cry!” Carolena L. wrote. You have every right to be delighted of your son’s accomplishments. It was difficult for me to be the new kid regularly. He was a great aid to the little boy.” Thank you for allowing yourself to be who you are.


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