Cody Shugart is telling the story. He is from the United States. Let’s look at the story from his point of view.

credit – Cody Shugart

This picture is liked by a lot of people. So I wanted to take a moment to tell you what happened. Mr. Chip was what I called Milton West, who lived next door to me when I was a kid. He worked as an operator for DOW Chemical until he quit. Since I was two years old, he has always been there for me.

I never had a father, so it was hard for me to grow up. But the Lord put good men around me, and Mr. Chip was one of them. He always told me how important it was to get a good education. He also taught me how to take care of a yard, how to see people for who they are and not what they look like, and how to treat my mother like a saint, among many other things. He helped me become a good son, man, and father in a big way.
I will always be thankful that God brought him into my life.

So, my wife and I had a baby boy in May. His name is Bob Wayne Shugart. Mr. Chip and his wife Shirley fell in love with him as soon as they saw him. They watch him sometimes, and when we can, we go see him. When we were there last, Mr. Chip told us that he wants to be called “POP.” He says that is his grandson. So, we needed to think of a name for his wife. We chose the name Lolli.

So we tell Bob Wayne that we’re going to see Lolli Pop!!! I’m glad that my son will know about Lolli and Pop. If he learns half of what I did from Mr. Chip, he’ll be a great son, man, and father. Every day I read something bad about how race relations are getting worse. I don’t agree, and I hope this sends a loving, positive message to a lot of people. This is just one of the small number of stories about Victoria, Texas. I’m sure that there are millions of other stories like this one in the U.S.


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