A source says that Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey broke up after dating for just one year.

The source told People in an exclusive interview that “both of them are completely heartbroken” and “they still love each other.”

“During their time together, Michael grew up a lot and was ready to make a long-term commitment. He let down his guard around her, which was the first time he did that in a romantic relationship, says the source. “They had a lot of fun together and made each other better.”

No one from Jordan could be reached to say anything. People asked Harvey’s representatives for a comment, but they didn’t get back to us right away.

The couple had been together for a year when they celebrated their anniversary in November. This was a few months after Jordan made their relationship official on Instagram in January.

In December, he told The Hollywood Reporter that his relationship with Harvey was when he “finally knew what love was.”

“When I was younger, I don’t know if I could have handled the onslaught of opinions and being picked apart, and also being aware of what the other person is going to go through. Someone special is needed to deal with that.”

He said at the time that they seemed “real enough” to talk about freely.

“Planning ahead to stay out of the way [of the public eye] can sometimes kill spontaneity and closeness.

I wanted to get rid of that and give this the best chance it could have of being normal in this strange world we live in.

In short, I think everything is just happening at the wrong time. He also said, “It was the right time for me.”

“Yeah. I’m happy.”


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