A sad dog who used to belong to the Baxter family still waits for her family.

After hearing about the fire at Camp Hill in Brisbane, Dave Kramer took Savannah in. In a sad Instagram post, the dog can be seen looking up at the sky.

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“After losing everyone she loved, she’s made some new friends,” Mr. Kramer wrote. He took Savannah with him to the scene of the tragedy.

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Mr. Kramer, who was a trainer at Integr8 Fitness Gym and a close friend of the Baxter family, paid tribute to his friend and her three children.

I don’t want to believe it even now. “As I wake up this morning with their family dog in my bed, I realize this isn’t a dream, and all I can do is lay here, hug her, and cry,” he wrote.


“Hannah was an amazing woman, and so many people looked up to her as a source of strength. If she even got the slightest hint that someone was sad, she knew just how to cheer them up with her unique voice and big smile.


Before her husband set fire to their car, Hannah Clarke said that he was becoming more and more “scary and terrible.” Trey, who was 3, Laianah, who was 4, and Aaliyah, who was 6, also died in the fire. Baxter, who was 42, stabbed himself next to the burning car. Hannah, who was 31 years old, died in the hospital.

Reports said that after an attack, Baxter wasn’t allowed to be within 20m of Hannah, and no one knew why the father was there. “We’re not sure how he got so close.

He must have caught her by surprise, because I’m sure she wouldn’t have stopped for him. Instead, she would have tried to run him over, as Mr. Clarke put it.

@ Daily Mail Australia

“We beat him up, so he had to hurt us. He was sprinkling, but he had no more people to get money from. He seems to have decided all of a sudden that there was only one way out.”

Mrs. Clarke also said, “He was going through her phone and keeping track of where she was. It was very frightening.” Just a few meters from Hannah’s parents’ house, Baxter poured a can of gasoline on his kids and Hannah and then lit the car on fire.

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