In East Durham, England, volunteers from the British Horse Society were shocked to see a building site when they checked on the progress.

Horse Heidi lived near the building. The volunteers thought she was already dead, but she was still alive. She was almost covered in mud and was lying on the ground with a lot of garbage around her.

She wasn’t dead at all when the volunteers got close to her. They could hear her breathing very slowly, but she was terrible. Heidi couldn’t stand on her own two feet or breathe well, and she was having a hard time.

She is in a condition that is hard to imagine, but the volunteers have not given up on her. They even thought about giving her a chance to live even though it was terrible. Volunteers were determined to help Heidi, so they called for help immediately. Rescuers took the dying and starving horse to the shelter with care and compassion.

When the horse was exhausted and close to death, no one thought it would live again. Nobody did, not even the people who were willing to help.

To help her, at least. That’s not true of Heidi. She was strong-willed, and she didn’t give up either. This is how it worked out: She could get through any problems that came her way. Now, she’s not only a winner in life but in horse shows, too!

Heidi had changed into a beautiful pony that had won awards.

The volunteers saw this right in front of them, and it scared them to death.

During their first look at Heidi, they saw that she was dead. She had almost no skin left, and she was lying on the ground with a lot of trash around her.

via: Here4Horses

Heidi, in a terrifying situation.

So dirty that she couldn’t stand or breathe. The chances of her living were not even slim, but they were nil.

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Strong-willed Heidi doesn’t let her rescuers down as she starts to get better from her terrible condition.

They thought she couldn’t get back on her feet on her own. However, she never failed the people who helped her.

She was able to make it through. Amazingly, she kept going on her road to recovery. This is what people say.

As long as she was in the hospital for five weeks, that doesn’t matter now. She was able to walk and stand on her own again after that time.

What is important is that she survived her near-death pain.

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The ugly, dirty, and thin pony has become a fit, energetic, and beautiful mane.

One year after getting a lot of medical attention, you couldn’t even recognize Heidi. She has changed into a new animal.

She was happy and healthy when her hair began to regrow and she began to gain weight again.

When she was frail and had so little blood protein that she needed a plasma transfusion, the first few days were perilous for both of us. In the end, it took Heidi a long time to get well enough to run freely in our fields. Wendy Suddes is the founder of the charity Here4Horses.

via: Here4Horses

Heidi has completely changed into an award-winning horse.

via: Here4Horses

Who would have thought that this dying horse would be able to make it through so much? No one, not even the people, came to save Heidi from the fire.

Everyone who helped Heidi is sure to have given her the loudest applause as she now takes part in shows. She doesn’t just join for the fun of it. I think she’s going to win every competition she’s in!



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