Whether it’s a boomerang, karma, or a helping hand, what goes around comes back.

Lewis Harris had done more for his country than he should have. As a member of the United States army, he fought for his country and kept its people safe. But now that he was in age of 80 and a veteran, he needed help in return.

The people in his Washington neighborhood were quick to help, which was good.

Harris lived by himself, and the feeling of being alone wore him down. Even worse, his home in Redmond was falling apart. He wanted to ask for help, but he didn’t want to.

He told King5 News, “I definitely don’t want to be a bother to anyone.”

When his health started getting worse, he finally started asking for help.

Harris was running some errands and went to the grocery store. He couldn’t remember how to get home, so he went to a clerk and asked. The clerk called the police because she wanted to help.

Image credit – Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Officer Nazariya came to the store to help Harris get home, but that wasn’t the end of his help.

Officer Nazariya told Harris what had happened while they were at the grocery store. Harris said that he couldn’t see and couldn’t remember how to get home.

Officer Nazariya was shocked by what he saw when he got back to Harris’s house. The house was really getting worse. Officer Nazariya was able to call for help, which was a good thing.

Officer Nazariya decided right away to help Harris fix up his house, and he knew just the person to do it: his wife, who was an interior designer.

How a whole town came together to help a veteran who was getting old

Before long, everyone in the neighborhood got involved. When other businesses heard Harris’s story, they gave supplies and extra people to help. Harris’s old, falling-apart house became his dream home thanks to their hard work.

Image credit – Facebook

Harris’s house was completely changed. It now has quartz countertops and a gallery wall that shows pictures from his time in the military.

Harris got emotional when he first saw his new home. Harris was so moved by the hard work of his community that he promised to pass it on.

“It almost made me cry, all right. He said, “I had a few tears there, it really touched my heart and soul.” “I can never pay them back. All I can do is be a good American and try to help other people.”

Harris, Officer Nazariya, and the people of Redmond gave their time and energy to those around them all the time. Whether it was giving your life for your country, walking an old man home, or helping a neighbor start a new life, these people helped in any way they could.


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