The excitement of a new baby and your first grandchild is something you will never forget, but for one grandmother in the UK, this happy moment was marred by a deep sense of loss.

Abbie Hallawell welcomed her grandson Parker John into the world on September 9. Still, her daughter, who was 17 years old, was left brain dead and in serious condition after the delivery.

Teegan Barnard had had a baby boy weighing 9 pounds and 90 ounces in September 2019. Still, the delivery was complicated, and she went into cardiac arrest. Her son was healthy. After a few weeks had gone, she passed away.

The baby boy will be raised by Abbie and Parker’s father. Still, Abbie has promised that she would do all to ensure that her grandson is aware of how much his mother loves him.

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According to Abbie, who spoke to The Sun about her mother, “She would have been the finest mama because she was so happy.”

“She had a lot of love for him, but she didn’t even get the chance to convey it to him… I miss her more than anything else in the world, and I would give anything to be able to have her back. We were more like mother and daughter while we were together than closest friends.”

During the last few weeks of Teegan’s life, Abbie made it a point to ensure that she could cuddle her newborn son and snapped images of the experience to share with Parker in the future.

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God Updates

She remarked, “Seeing Parker in his mummy’s arms where he belongs has been so significant to me.” “Seeing Parker in his mummy’s arms where he belongs.”

Even in his mother’s dying moments, Parker managed to sneak a grin while lying close to his mother, which crushed his grandmother’s heart.

Abbie claims, “I placed them together at every opportunity.”

“Since she is no longer with us, we have started dressing Parker’s investments that include pictures of his mother. I want to make sure that she is constantly near to him.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to Teegan’s family and to the young kid who will never get the opportunity to know how much Teegan loved him. Rest in peace.

I am relieved that Parker will have the opportunity to learn about his mother through his doting grandmother as he matures. He will be aware of his mother’s affection for him.


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