This is my dear friend Harold! This is not the guy who’s in the man lift , but the guy behind him on the wheelchair sidewalk. He is in the nursing facility just across the street from the building we are in the building.

Since the day I first arrived at this job site, I’ve seen the man sitting in his office each day from 7 a.m. He eats lunch whenever we do, and stays until I close the crane and leave. I was thinking that he was an old man who is curious and wants to spend the outdoors instead of. being locked inside his bedroom.’

Well , after a couple of days, I was interested, so I went over to introduce myself to Harold. We had a lengthy conversation for about two and a half hours, but to make a long story cut short… Harold is close to the end of his life. The valves in his heart are blocked and a disease has been eating away at his body for a long time. (I do not recall the specific name) and, when the time came for him to be able to work, before anything was happening to his health, it was as a crane operator. He stated that he enjoyed being able to see what he used to enjoy doing for a living , but had no idea he would be able to be in the vicinity of the crane ever again, even be close enough to one.

He is a family man, with 2 daughters, and one son who hasn’t seen him in the last seven years he’s lived in a nursing facility. So I came up with Harold an offer! In the beginning, he was hoping to be on a payroll! After explaining to him that this wasn’t feasible, I was able to quickly come to what I considered to be an appropriate arrangement.

Credit: Shawn Beveridge

The deal we have is that Harold was a crane operator for more than fifty years. No matter how skilled you are at something , there’s always something new to be learned. So I said to Harold every day at lunchtime I’d be able to sit alongside him for a time so that he can criticize my work and assess me on my performance during the time (give an item to discuss that he is interested in) and I benefit from his knowledge and in return provide him with a cup of black coffee each morning while I’m here. I’ll also give him lunch two times a week at a time that he picks.

He didn’t flinc

h before the words ‘Absolutely!”, was the only word that came out of his mouth.


I think I’m writing this blog post because if I’d never met him, I’d never met him. I’m glad to have the chance to make this man’s final days pleasant. With a sense of purpose and help people to make him smile once more.

I am challenging anyone on this site to not be the same as me in the beginning. And don’t be scared to make someone else’s day more enjoyable. Always try to lighten up people’s minds. If God decides to send the man home, I’m content that I’m at this point to improve his day. I’m content with that.



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