We often dismiss dementia as an illness that leads people to “forget things.” Joey Daley, a YouTuber, demonstrates much more than that.

Joey Daley, 45, from Ohio, has started a YouTube channel to demonstrate this sickness’s impact on a family.

Molly, 67 years old, was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia when she was 65 years old. She now stays in an assisted living facility, where someone prepares her meals, administers her medications, bathes her, and takes care of all of the other tasks listed above on behalf of the resident.

“If you can envision dementia, write down everything you can do on a chalkboard and erase one thing every two months until you gradually forget how to do everything you’ve done your entire life,” Joe explains.

“Get dressed, get a cup of water—the most basic things are sometimes overlooked.”

Joe has a YouTube series in which he takes his mother out a few times a week and does ordinary things with her. The videos are intended to enhance overall awareness of the issue and to inspire and educate others about its serious effects.

Joe once took his mother to the mall. Molly started the day off cheerfully, but her thinking betrayed her, and she got perplexed. Joey was confronted with the heartbreaking reality that his mother no longer knows who he is or that she is his mother for the first time.

In this 26-minute video, Joe and his mother are having coffee together. Joe starts asking her questions about the family approximately eight minutes into the video. She fights back the tears as she tries to understand what he’s saying. During this exchange, Joe observes as his mother forgets who he is.

Joe reassured his mother that everything was alright and that he was only angry because of something that occurred at work.


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