When I’m headed to work this morning , I am able to see Tina (lady who cooks my pizzas at the Pie Five) walking along Keller parkway. I pull up and ask her if I could take her for the ride. She smiles as usual and then gets into the vehicle …. Mind you, Pie Five is about 2 miles away from the place I took her… and we talked while we drove. She informed me that she got the job seven months ago, and has been walking 4 miles each day for work. I told her… Wow I know it’s tough for your body and it’s surely exhausting. She giggled and then said “Yah but what else is it that you can do Greg? I’m looking for work… the world isn’t over. So I do my best to make it work. I had an old bike that was broken, but I there isn’t a replacement”.

I picked her up and told her I’ll be back shortly! When I got back, I texted Bianca Ballog immediately… I was pretty emotional about the incident… I told her the story , and she replied “Greg we’re getting the lady a bicycle!” I told her…we are on the same page. Two hours later, she has a means of transportation. The look on her face at the sight of the car was greater than words could describe.

She stated…”I am so grateful and do not know the right words to use. I said to that she… We may receive this gift for the first time, but you’ve provided me with more than you think. I cannot express enough… Make sure you get to know people! Ask questions, discuss their struggles, and ask them what you can pray about. God has given us the responsibility to help and serve our neighbors just as your own. If everyone believed in that and practiced that, much of the nonsense that’s being exhibited in the world wouldn’t exist. There are those in need of help and they’re within your backyard. All you need to do is walk out “Your Circle”

Credit: Greg Ballog


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