The kind act of a stranger in Washington County was just what a family needed.

Travis Larson, the son of Tami Avolia, was killed in a shooting in 2017. He had just found out he was going to be a dad a few weeks before.

Milan, who is 4 years old, misses him every day, and the rest of his family can’t accept that he will never come back.

Avolia said, “He didn’t just take my son.” “He kidnapped my best friend.” He took the father of his daughter away. Avolia said, “She never got the chance to meet him.”

“We had the party to find out the gender a week before,” she says. “He was very happy to hear that we were having a girl.”

Avolia thought it would be fun to celebrate both her son’s birthday and Milan’s daughter’s birthday in April, so they sent out “Happy Birthday” balloons with a note attached.

She wrote him a note, which I took to mean, “Happy birthday, dad.” I love you. I miss you. I didn’t want you to leave ever. On your special day, my best wishes to you. Avolia said, “Baby girl.”

“A few days later, I went to the mailbox and started taking the package out. When I saw that it was from Daddy in heaven to Baby Girl, I just started screaming,” Avolia said.

A postal worker in Fayette County said that a woman in Brier Hill found the balloons. The woman then put a box in the mail to be sent to the family a few days later.

“Dad” wrote “Baby daughter” on the gift. Inside the gift was a note that said, “I love your birthday gift.” Your dad loves you, your mom, and everyone else in the family. Here’s something I made just for you. “I hope you enjoy them,” the note said.

Inside the package, Aviola and her family found three handmade ornaments. “I’m going to give you a kiss from above. They are decorations for the Christmas tree.” Snowflakes are divine kisses. I really care about you. I wrote “Dad” at the top of the letter.

“It was great to see how happy Milan was when she saw the package from her father,” Avolia said of the smile on her face when she saw the package from her father.

That was a nice surprise for Avolia, who said it gave her hope for the future in a world that was getting worse every day.

After what I had been through, I lost faith in people. It came back to me. No matter who you are, thank you. Avolia said, “I’d like to show my appreciation.”

This woman did something nice for a family she had never met before. Let’s be kind and let those who are hurting and sad into our hearts.



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