‘Goodnight, honey,’ he whispered as he bid her farewell. A woman captures the last moments of her grandparents’ 60-year love affair on film.

I observed something lovely during the last few months of my grandmother’s life.

My grandparents’ affection for one other was unwavering.

Grandma handled everything for him, and he couldn’t live without her. I used to mock my grandfather.

The roles were flipped last year.

As a result, I’ve realized that Romeo and Juliet aren’t the most romantic love story…

On the other side, Grandma and Grandpa grew old together.

Grandpa is there for Grandma during a difficult period in her life.

He learnt how to make meals, wash laundry, and cook for her during her six rounds of chemotherapy.

An elderly couple in their final moment together | Source: facebook.com/emily.hime

Grandpa is the one who has her hand in his.

He attended every one of his doctor’s appointments.

He wouldn’t go until someone else did since he didn’t want her to be alone for even a few minutes.

It’s the hospital staff gushing over his dedication and how much everyone, including those in the waiting rooms, liked watching them together.

Every day in the hospital and during her hospice care, he was at her side.

He’s calling to beg for my assistance in making signs and decorating the house since he believes she’ll be home soon.

At every opportunity, he rubbed her cheek, kissed her on the forehead, and held her hand.

I’m trying to take it all in.

He broke down in tears every time he sensed she was in pain because he couldn’t take the notion of her being in misery.

“She’s more stunning than she’s ever been.” ‘Doesn’t she look lovely?’ he’d exclaim.

After a series of strokes, her body began to deteriorate.

Every day, he continued to compliment her on her beauty.

They have the kind of unending love that we all desire.

Even though they will be celebrating 60 years of marriage in a few weeks, it will not be enough.

‘Oh, you’re so precious, honey, goodnight,’ he offered as parting words.

Seeing how much he cared for her is a great motivator to make wise choices.

Pick someone to be your best buddy for the next 60 years.

Who will be on your side in good and, more crucially, bad-times?

An elderly couple in their final moment together | Source: facebook.com/emily.hime

Someone who isn’t afraid to speak their feelings.

Someone joyfully proclaims in a crowded room, “She is the most gorgeous thing, and I admire her so much.”

That is the essence of love.

They met in their twenties at an English cycling club, and it’s reasonable to assume they ran the decisive race together.

They pedaled furiously up all of life’s difficult mountains.

They never abandoned one another as a team and encouraged one another in times of exhaustion or discouragement.

They won the ultimate race, a life filled with love, by cooperating.


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