What is it like to be old? The the other day, a young man asked me: What was it when you were old?

I was astonished at the response, especially since she said she didn’t think I was old.

After he observed the reaction I had to show him, he immediately became shocked however, I explained to him why it was an important topic.

After reflecting, I realized that getting older is a blessing.

Sometimes I am surprised by the person within my reflection. But I don’t dwell on these things for too long.

I wouldn’t want to trade all the things I have for gray hairs less and flat stomach.

I don’t get mad at me for not making my bed or eating a few more “little items.”

I am entitled to get messy and extravagant and to stare for hours at my beautiful flowers.

I’ve seen a few beloved friends go away after they’d enjoyed the freedom that comes from becoming old.

Who cares if I decide to read or play on my computer until 4am , and then go to sleep until when?

I’ll join me to the beats from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

If I decide later to cry over a lost affection… I’ll.

I’ll stroll down the beach wearing a bikini that drapes over my slim body and plunge into the water, letting my go, despite the pathetic appearance of bikini-wearers.

They’ll also age If they’re fortunate…

It’s true that throughout the years, my heart been broken by grieving the death of a dear family member, or for the hurt of the loss of a child, or watching a pet die.

It is our experience that builds us up and allows us to develop.

A broken heart is unclean and never will experience the joy of being imperfect.

I am grateful to have lived long enough to allow my hair to gray, but to keep the youthful smile before the deep creases became visible on my face.

If I had to answer the truthfully, I’ll saythat I enjoy being old, as old age makes me more wise and free!

I’m aware that I’m not going be a millionaire, but as long as I’m here, I’ll follow my own rules that are my own heart.

I’m not going regret what didn’t happen and I don’t have to think about what might be.

The rest of the time is my time to enjoy my life just as I did up to this day, and the rest I will leave to God.


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