Would you feel the same way if you received all of your money in a single payment? When a woman elected to replenish her gas tank at the gas station where he works, she made a big difference in both their lives.

Just such a thing happened to Nkosikho Mbele, a South African Shell gas attendant at the time. His unexpected fortune resulted from a compassionate gesture he performed on behalf of a young woman.

It all started when Monet van Deventer, a resident of Cape Town, South Africa, stopped at a gas-station to fill up her car. She discovered, however, that she had no cash or credit cards on her person when she arrived.

Monet interfered when Nkosikho was cleaning the windows of her car, knowing she couldn’t afford to pay for it.

Although I appreciate your efforts in cleaning my windows, I will not be able to put gas in my car today. “He appeared concerned and astonished since he was staring at my gasoline needle, which was already in the red,” she continued.

After the day, the gas worker made Monet a generous offer: he would cover her R100 (USD 7) gas bill, allowing her to fill up her car and travel across the highway with enough fuel.

In his words, “Ma’am, you will never run out of fuel on the N2.” In Monet’s words, “He said, ‘I’ll pay you 100 rand, and whenever you’re near again, I’ll give you back my R100,” referring to an R100 payment.

Mont, who works as an account-manager for a field of hotel software business, was under the impression that the service was open to everyone who used Shell. While Nkosikho used his own bank card to pay for the gasoline, the other passengers did not.

Before she could say anything, he had started filling her almost empty gas tank. Before she knew what had occurred, she was in her car heading away.

Nkosikho, on the other hand, is paid the bare minimum wage, & the R100 was almost as much as he makes in a day.

Nkosikho, who makes approximately R1,100 (USD 75) per week, did not have much money on hand at the time of the incident. Although he had no way of knowing whether Monet would repay his money, he agreed to pay for her gasoline.

As it turned out, Nkosikho didn’t have anything to be concerned about.

Mont reappeared a few days later, bringing his money and a box of chocolates with him.

When she returned, I was pleased to see her. Her smile told me she had seen and appreciated what I had done. According to Nkosikho, “I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was appreciative for what I had done for her.”

On the other hand, Monet had a special surprise in mind for the gas station employee who assisted her in filling up her car when she was short on cash.

After she shared their tale on Facebook, it quickly went viral. Following that, a steady trickle of donations for Nkosikho began to pour in worldwide.

Monet and Nkosikho had a discussion about it and came to the conclusion that a crowdfunding campaign would be launched.

More than $94,000 was raised, equivalent to nearly eight years’ worth of Nkosikho’s income.

Following learning of the employee’s good deed, Shell’s leadership decided to nominate him for the Regional Service Excellence Award.

A further $35,000 has been pledged to a local charity of Nkosikho’s choice by Shell.

“It was all God’s doing,” says the author. I have the sensation that I’m dreaming. My mind has been blown. I have a positive outlook. People from all walks-of-life can make a difference in the world. It didn’t matter that I was no one, but because of this insignificant detail, people who didn’t even know who I was were able to see me…” Nkosikho expressed his thankfulness for the beautiful fortune that he had received.

To provide for his two children, mother, and brother, the money provided by this grant was highly beneficial to him and his family in general.

“I was just delighted to see her drive away, knowing she would arrive safely at her destination, and I had no idea that what I did would enrich my life profoundly,” he explained.

His compassionate act and his newfound money propelled Nkosikho to the top of the social ladder within his village. While walking around the township after work, he was frequently approached by strangers who asked for selfies with him.

He put it, “my entire world has been turned upside down.”

This is the kind of makeover that this man has earned! More information can be found in the video below. YouTube


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