A father of two who made headlines when he left his family to live with a Ukrainian refugee he’d only known for ten days has spoken out.

29-year-old Tony Garnett fell in love with 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee Sofiia Karkadym after he and his partner of ten years, Lorna, took her in.

Ten days after Tony met Sofia for the first time, the two of them ran away together and left Lorna and Tony’s two young daughters with their mother.

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Now, the British security guard, who is 29 years old, has come forward and said he wants to marry Sofiia and start a family with her.

“I want to propose to this beauteous woman, and I hope to get my vasectomy undone so I can have kids with Sofiia.” He told that to MailOnline.

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“We’re making plans for a life together. I want to have children. I want to have kids,” the Ukrainian woman, who is 22 years old, said.

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“I’m still young, so it can wait a few years. I hope Tony can get his vasectomy undone so we can start a family.”

Tony went on to say, in reference to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, that at least “something really good for me and her” came out of “Putin’s evil.” He was talking about his new love.

“People have been so crazy about us being together! Yesterday, I got 5,000 new Instagram followers, and she got 7,000 for no reason. People are interested in us,” he said, explaining his sudden popularity on social media.

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But, as the young man said, not all of the comments they get are good.

“Some pretty bad things have been said about us on Instagram and other social media,” he said next.

“But these people are idiots because they don’t understand how people can fall in love even if they’ve only got known each other for a short time.”

Pictured Tony and Lorna

Sofiia also fought back against her critics, including her own family, by saying that she is not a homewrecker because she “accidentally fell in love and this is forever” and because Tony and Lorna were not married.


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