Adopting a dog or cat rather than purchasing one from a shelter is becoming a popular alternative for many people as a result of the immense popularity of programs that raise awareness online. Nick Abbott is one of those people who made the decision to get a dog through the adoption process. Nick has been hard of hearing since birth, which is one of the things that makes him stand out from other people. It was then that he made the decision to adopt Emerson, who is also deaf.

With the assistance of the employees at the NFR Maine, the puppy was rescued from a shelter in Florida when he was about a month and a half old. Emerson had a difficult childhood, as NFR Maine explained; after he and his siblings were found living on the streets, he began having seizures. This made his childhood especially difficult. Emerson developed a case of parvo while he was being treated at the hospital. Parvo is a highly contagious viral illness that can manifest itself in either an intestinal or cardiac form.

Lindsay Powers, who works for the NFR in Maine, stated that they didn’t find out he was deaf until after he returned from the veterinarian. However, they were unsure as to whether or not he was born deaf or whether or not he suffered an accident that rendered him so. She uploaded a picture of Emerson to the internet with the goal of locating a loving and responsible family for him to join.

Image Credit: Lindsay Powers | Nick Abbott | NFR Maine |

After a while, Abbot phoned and inquired about the puppy, stating that he was interested in adopting the animal. He let them know that he was deaf as well, which led him to believe that the two might be able to connect, and the adoption process was finished in fewer than twenty-four hours.

The connection between them was incredible. They are destined to be together, as nick’s mother stated in a later conversation. Nick began teaching his dog sign language by beginning with basic commands such as “sit,” “come here,” and “lie down.” Emerson now reacts with an excited bark whenever Nick touches his ear lobe.

Image Credit: Lindsay Powers | Nick Abbott | NFR Maine |

Nick has also started a page on Instagram for him and his dog, where he documents their journeys and shares photos of their antics along the way. In addition to this, they discuss the new skills they’ve picked up and provide updates on their new life together as “two deaf boys and their adventures!”

According to NFR Maine, their story inspired a lot of people to get dogs of their own.

Image Credit: Lindsay Powers | Nick Abbott | NFR Maine |

At this point, both Nick and Emerson are experiencing a high level of joy. According to how it was explained by Powers, Emerson had a very difficult beginning to his life, but it eventually turned into a fairy tale.



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