Joey Prusak, a Dairy Queen employee in Hopkins, Minnesota, is shown in this screengrab obtained by WCCO TV. Prusak is getting a lot of acclaim for handling a visually challenged customer who dropped $20 cash on the floor accidentally. After another client,

When Joey Prusak observed a customer at the Hopkins Dairy Queen pick up someone else’s $20 cash and sneak it into her pocketbook, he was shocked.

As a result, when the woman approached the counter to place an order, Prusak refused to serve her until she returned the money. When the woman declined, the 19-year-old store manager went one step further: he paid $20 from his pocket to the blind client who hadn’t noticed he’d dropped the money.
Prusak recounted the earlier this month interaction during a press conference on Thursday, saying, “I was only doing what I thought was right.” “I did it without even thinking about it… 99 out of 100 people would have done the same thing.”

Since a customer’s email to Dairy Queen was shared online, Prusak has received a lot of appreciation.

People are now calling the store to express their gratitude to Prusak and even offer him jobs. The store’s foot traffic has increased. Many customers are leaving hefty gratuities, which Prusak says he will donate to charity.

On Thursday, Prusak said he received a call from Warren Buffett, whose business owns Dairy Queen. Prusak said, “He called and praised me for being a role model for all of the other staff and people in general.”

Since he was 14, Prusak has worked at the Hopkins DQ. Since spring, he’s been managing the store and is trying to save money to go to business school.

During the lunch rush on Sept. 10, the visually impaired customer who dropped the money was a regular. Prusak stated that he believed the woman who took the $20 note would return it. Instead, she stared at the man before placing the money in her handbag.

Prusak expressed his displeasure by saying, “I was horrified.” “I was at a loss for what to do or say,” says the author.

Prusak paused before approaching the window and asking the woman to return the money. She insisted, though, that it was hers. It was a back-and-forth conversation. “Please return the $20 or get out of the business because I’m not going to serve someone as disrespectful as you,” Prusak recounted telling the woman.

According to Prusak, the woman stormed out. After servicing the other customers, he went up to the man eating his sundae and offered him $20. Prusak didn’t tell anyone about it, save for the other store employee.

However, a witness to the incident emailed Dairy Queen an email. The email was relayed to Dave Pettit, its owner, who put it in the store.

International Dairy Queen spokesman Dean Peters said the business is rewarding Prusak.

When Prusak observed what had transpired, he stated he couldn’t stay silent.

“No matter what, I was going to say something,” he declared. “I would have served her if she would have returned the money.”



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