Sara Ryan witnessed an incredible sight near her home one day. She and her family were overjoyed.

This cute little fox was very tired when she took a nap on her stump. Her appearance drew a lot of attention.

We believe that this improved their day, which had been less than ideal due to self-isolation. In Canada, this is a stunning sight.

Sara told The Dodo that her father was also giddy with delight. Before they didn’t have pets, so this little fox’s appearance significantly improved their mood.

Sarah’s father constantly sent new pictures of a fox sleeping peacefully on a stump.

Even when her father went outside, the fox stared at him and went back to sleep.

She didn’t seem to have any-reservations about some of these people’s bad behaviour.

As Sara points out, behind the tree is just a garage, so sleeping in that quiet, sheltered spot was probably very comfortable for her.

It’s just that the creature wanted to sleep there, even though Sarah’s father would occasionally notice that she wasn’t there, only to return and fall asleep again.

Ryan claims that he is still sleeping there.

Because this is a nocturnal creature, it is natural to sleep during the day and hunt at night.

Sara shared photos she had received from her father, and everyone who saw them was ecstatic.

Within a few-hours, it had gone viral, and people adored the cute little fox.

She says she’s glad people liked the fox because we all need a little joy in our lives despite everything that happens to us.

She also expresses her delight that many people have seen her sweet post during this bleak time.


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