The couple lives on a cruise ship and spends only $43 per day, or $15,696 per year.

Living your best life is the key to a happy retirement. At least, that’s what should happen.

It just so happens that #cruiselife is, too.

For their retirement, the Burks decided to do two and two together.

Angelyn Burk

The couple from Seattle, Washington, who are both in their 50s, has always planned to travel after they retire.

They like going from one cruise ship to another.

It costs less than a mortgage as well. Yes! FOX 56 WOLF says that it only costs $43 per day or $15,696 per year to live on a cruise ship. CNN says that this amount is between $89 and $100 per day. Angelyn says that sometimes they let themselves spend up to $135 per day, which is $49,275 per year.

Angelyn says, “This year, we’ve booked 86 cruise days that will cost us an average of $89 per day for both of us.” “This includes lodging, meals, entertainment, travel, tips, and port fees.” We have enough money in our retirement budget to pay for it.

She went on her first cruise in 1992. After they got married, she and Richard started going on cruises once a year or every other year.

They have enough money between them and from the sale of their home to live on a cruise.

In 2021, they started to do the math and make plans for their retirement. When they realized they could cruise for the rest of their lives, in May 2021, they started their new life.

Angelyn Burk

Angelyn said, “At first, we planned to stay in different countries for a few months at a time and then retire on a cruise ship when we got older.” We wanted to keep traveling after we retired, and we were looking for a good way to do that.

They only brought one bag with them on the trip.

The next cruise always leaves from the same port where the last one ended.

When the times of their cruises don’t match, they just stay on land for a while. Getting to know family and friends better.

Angelyn has had that happen so few times that she can count them on one hand.

They don’t have any plans right now to move back to land for good.

They are going to see the whole world. The Burks have been to the Bahamas, Canada, Iceland, Italy, and Singapore, sometimes more than once.

Angelyn and I have always been frugal so that we could save money and invest it so that we could reach our goals. We value experiences over material possessions.

Many people can become regular cruisers if they plan ahead and manage their money well.

Here’s what it says in English:

First, make sure you’re ready to live on a cruise ship and want to spend your days at sea.

Sign up for loyalty programs and keep an eye out for discounts from cruise lines.

If you want to save money between ships, you will need to be flexible with your trip dates and stay put as long as you can.

Also, you should keep an eye on your budget, avoid buying bundles of drinks, and choose the cheapest place to stay.

You don’t want to waste money on gambling and other activities because a cruise is more like a way of life than a vacation.

You should also bring little with you. When traveling, you can always buy what you need.



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