Consider the possibility of marrying a woman whose face you have never seen before. Being addressed as “daddy” by your child despite having no idea who he is. Consider what it would be like-to-live without sight, which is something that most of us take for granted without even realizing it.

Gene Purdie, born with Stargardt’s sickness, knows the truth about his father. He has a retinal condition, which allows him to only see slivers around the edges of whatever he is looking at any given time.

Gene was not officially diagnosed until he was 16 years old, despite being born with the sickness. After that, he met Joy, the love of his life, and the two of them were married and welcomed their son, Lincoln, into the world.

On the other hand, Gene has never seen a photograph of his family.

While watching the Rachael Ray Show one day, Joy noticed that one of Rachael’s guests suffered from Stargardt’s disease.

It had been more-than a decade since she had last seen her sister’s smile. Thanks to a particular pair of electronic spectacles, Rachael Ray’s show visitors could see what was happening! Individuals who have vision problems can benefit from the technology developed by the business eSight, which specializes in eyewear technology that allows people to see again.


Joy was utterly taken aback as she watched it all unfold on the TV and expressed her surprise. She wrote a letter to the program, expressing her desire that they would give the same great opportunity to her family as they had to her.

In response to the answers to their prayers, a family of three from Denver flew to NewYork City to take part in the television show.

Gene waited with bated breath for the eSight spectacles to be put over his head on stage, and he was not disappointed.


At first, the audience and everyone in the studio was confused about whether the technology had been successful. Gene suddenly turned to face his wife and exclaimed, “She’s quite attractive.”

The couple was filled with emotion, and Gene was simply taking in all of the images he’d been building together, a bit at a time, for the past 16 years was to be anticipated.


Besides that, Rachael Ray informed us that Gene’s family would be receiving $15,000 in glasses from the firm eSight! He can now visit his wife regularly and witness his son’s development in ways that he has never been able to before.

Whatever your perception of Gene is, you can’t dispute that he’s bursting with vitality and energy. As far as we can tell, his incapacity to see the world around him has had no effect on his excitement or life.



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