The Minnesota police are doing everything they can to locate a girl of six years old who went missing after her mother was discovered dead at their residence on Saturday afternoon.

After officials arrived at her residence in the 600 block of Maple Brook Ct in the city of Northfield, the Rice County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement that confirmed that 39-year-old Lisa Wade was “dead from an apparent suicide.” The statement was posted on Facebook. Despite their best efforts, the authorities have been unable to find young Elle Ragin.


It is thought that the youngster vanished after her mother passed away, and this may be connected to her disappearance. According to the statement, the police have “reason to believe” that Wade may have been involved in Elle’s disappearance prior to Elle taking her own life.

On Sunday, the police stated in a press release that they are “processing the family home and vehicle for clues of her disappearance and have conducted searches of the area with canine teams, drones, and the State Patrol Helicopter with negative results.” The release was sent to a website named “people.”

The authorities are appealing to the general public for assistance in the search for Ragin, and they are urging anybody who may have seen Elle or Wade in the past two weeks to contact the Northfield Police Department at (507) 645-4477 and “share that information.”

Ragin has a height of around 3 feet and 6 inches and weighs around 45 pounds, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is aiding with the investigation. She has dark brown eyes and brown hair that is curly.

The agency claimed in a statement that it identified Wade as the child’s mother and posted it to Facebook, stating that it feels the child is in danger and identifying her as such.


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