Britni Church had her first child when she was 16 years old, in 2004.

The movie Cheaper by the Dozen is being made real. Since she had her first child at age 16 in 2004, when she was 12, a Kansas mother of 12 has been pregnant almost every year. Britni Church has 12 kids, five girls and seven boys, who are between 11 months and 17 years old. Church and her husband Chris, who is 30, have four children: Silas, who is seven, Christopher Jr., who is five, and the three-year-old triplets Oliver, Asher, and Abel, as well as 11-month-old Rowyn. She is also the mother of Crizman, who is 17, Jordan, who is 16, Caleb, who is 14, Jace, who is 13, Cadence, who is 12, and Jesalyn, who is 10. Church joked to TODAY Parents, “I think I’m done.”

Instagram- Britni Church

Church, who is an influencer and posts about her life on TikTok, says that people are interested in large families. Over 1.8 million people follow her account.

Church said that a lot of people think we get help from the government, but we don’t. People ask me a lot, “Are you Catholic?” ” Are you religious?’

Instagram- Britni Church

Even though I’m Pentecostal, that doesn’t explain why I have so many.” She said that she loves having a big family and is happy to add to it.

She said, “We’re happiest when we’re all together.” We have been having cookouts and sitting around the fire pit. There is a big water slide. “It’s been wonderful.”

With such a big family, it’s hard not to notice, and Church says that people do judge her a lot. According to The New York Post, Mercury News said, “People stare at us a lot when we go out as a family.” She doesn’t care, though. She cares deeply about her family. There is a limit to how many more people she can add to her family.

Instagram- Britni Church

She said she would stop if any of her children didn’t want her to have more than 15 kids. But she had no idea she would have 11 kids.

“I’d also love to get some pets,” she said. “Two dogs and a cat might be a good start,” I said. The super mom also had some advice for people who had something to say about her unusual family. She told CafeMom that instead of judging another mom for being different, they should be proud of that difference.

Instagram- Britni Church

“Even more so online. Give a compliment. Or just don’t say anything bad.” Don’t be so quick to judge someone who is different from you.”

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