Kate Davis, who was 18 years old, took a risk that most girls her age would not have dared to attempt. Although she was homecoming queen and senior class president, she chose to forego those prospects to live a life that few people can conceive.

Katie went on a mission trip to Uganda during her senior year of high school, which took place in December. Her heart was imprinted with new desires due to this journey, and her eyes were awakened to different possibilities as a result.

Katie decided to skip attending university and sell her yellow convertible after praying and seeking God’s guidance on her next steps. Instead, she volunteered at an orphanage in Uganda for a year, where she taught kindergarten to underprivileged children.

The fact that Katie chose Uganda as her permanent home in 2008 resulted from her dedication to God and her faith in what she couldn’t see.

In Ugandan, the word “amazima,” which translates as “truth,” is the source of the name Amazima Ministries. Amazima Ministries is dedicated to healing lives, restoring relationships, and having a profound impact on communities by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She is the author of Kisses from Katie-A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption, a New York Times best-seller.

Katie Davis Majors

Katie had become a mother to 13 small girls by the time she was 23. All of them had been adopted and raised by Katie as if they were her own.

Katie tells TODAY that her experience in foster care and adoption taught her the most crucial lesson about what it means to love a person.

Katie Davis Majors

At the time, I had no idea how wild, heartbreaking, and uncontrollable the love I would have for children when I was placing drowsy heads on pillows and educating small hearts to know Jesus.

I never imagined they’d become like extensions of myself. I was much more upset than usual when they were sad. I would cry with joy whenever they were joyful, such as when they had achieved success or were enthusiastic about God’s Word.

The fact that I would sometimes feel so much love in my chest that my heart would physically hurt when I gazed at them was something I had never considered before.”

It was the first time the two of them met when Major moved to Uganda to serve as a missionary. They were both born & raised in the Tennessee city of Franklin.

According to Katie’s blog, our adolescent lives were kept apart by a few hilltops: “We shared a hometown with just a few hilltops to separate us from ever merging.”

My husband’s love is another way God has bestowed His generous love on me, and it serves as a daily reminder that He takes pleasure in each of our kids and me. Their new father’s loving gaze brings them to life, and I can hear the excitement and conviction in their voices as they call him by his given names.

Katie didn’t have any sisters or close friends to serve as bridesmaids when she and her husband married in 2015. Still, she did have 13 gorgeous females who have continued to exemplify God’s faithfulness, restoration, and love.

Katie Davis Majors

s Katie points out, the fact that she lives in Uganda and shares the love of Jesus with the people she meets does not automatically qualify her as a “missionary” any more than it does anybody else.

‘We have three children and live in Uganda with our parents. My neighbors, friends, and family members also reside in this neighbourhood. Here are the streets where we reside, the folks I pass on the street and wave to, the community where we pray, and the friends with whom we eat dinner. This is where I feel most at home. You can perform what I do right where you are.”

A small sample of the several ways you may get involved in the movement and assist educate and empowering a generation of children is through Amazing Ministries.

As Katie points out, you do not have to be a missionary in Uganda to be effective. It is unnecessary to adopt 13 children to serve as Jesus’ hands and feet. Simply sharing God’s love with those near you is a wonderful thing to do. Take the time to be courteous to your neighbours and new people, greet each day with enthusiasm, and be filled with the spirit of giving to those who need it. “Right where you are,” the narrator states emphatically.

Source: godtv.com


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