The majority of us have experienced what it’s like to grow up in loving households where we are supported in all of our pursuits from an early age.

Naturally, having a mother and father – let alone those who love and care for you – is not a foregone conclusion. Indeed, it is the polar opposite. Thousands of children in the United States of America grow up without their original parents.

Rather than that, many of them are raised in foster care, sometimes jumping from house to house, family to family, hoping each day to find their permanent home.

That was certainly the case for Loralie, a 9-year-old who entered the system at the tender age of 4.

As one can guess, that road is not easy to travel. Still, Loralie’s journey just came to a conclusion when she became one of 165 Los Angeles County children who were formally adopted on Saturday, National Adoption Day.

The 9-year-old had spent a total of 1,445 days in foster care before her adoption.

And arguably the most endearing aspect of the entire story? Loralie’s new mother is Zoe Henry, who previously taught her in second grade.

We are aware that its plot is uncannily identical to that of Matilda.

According to stories, Henry knew Loralie was destined to be her daughter when she walked into her classroom.

“She completes our family and our life,” Henry explained.

“She brings such adventure, enthusiasm, fun, and spunkiness to whatever we do, which is why it’s ideal. It is flawless. Are you certain you are not crying? OK.”

Due to COVID-19, the second consecutive year’s large-scale adoption event was hosted virtually. However, this did not detract from its uniqueness or significance.

Additionally, according to Henry from La Verne, the adoptions were completed in time for Thanksgiving, which Loralie will be able to celebrate as a member of her new family.

Seeing stories like this absolutely warms my heart. I believe that if there were more of these pieces floating around on the internet, the world would be a considerably better place.

Much of what we consume these days appears to be filled with doom and gloom. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes stories like this were shared widely.

Thank you, Zoe Henry, for providing Loralie with the opportunity to grow up in a family that will love and care for her.



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