Atifa Ljajic had been kicked out of her marriage to Serif Nokic after spending 20 years trying to get the baby. She was pregnant at 60.

Atifa Ljajic pictured alongside her newborn daughter, Alina, and husband, Serif Nokic. | Source: | Real

Serif Nokic was able to change his mind after seeing the baby screaming in the baby ward. The man informed his wife that they were old to bear the screaming.

In Novi Pazar, in western Serbia’s Raska District, Serif Nokic was 68 when she was gone on the day her baby was born.

The crying of Alina kept him awake all night, he said to his friend.

When asked about the decision to leave baby Atifa, Serif said: “She received what she wanted, and now she’s happy.’

Serif states that having children at this age could be detrimental to his health.

Although Atifa is also suffering from health issues like the high pressure in her blood, she has said she’s willing to be a mother on her own.

“Above all, I am an unwell man. I am 68 years old, diabetic, and I suffer from a weak heart.”, Serif said.

It’s hard to be able to sleep through the night and hear the cry of a baby.’

Atifa is a risky pregnancy, and they spent three months in the hospital before giving birth.

Image source: CEN

Serif stated that he accepted the pregnancy, despite initially denying the idea.

Serif, However, determined that he was not ready to be part of his new family when Atifa was holding Alina to her chest for the first time.

Little Alina isn’t even going to be named after him because she refused to be registered in his name as his daughter.

There is a possibility to be the case that Atifa and Serif utilized anonymous donors of sperm.

Atifa claimed that she’d raise her child independently, despite not having much money.

Despite being a relative of Rasim Ljajic, the Serbian minister of Trade and Deputy Premier, she claims there are no relatives that can assist her.

Atifa was a worker in a factory for textiles and said, “Whatever happens, whether Serif remains or departs, I’ll try my best to help raise Alina and set her on the best track. I will be there with her.”

She said, ‘I’m aware that it will be difficult, but I’m sure there are people with good intentions who are willing to assist me.’

Image source: CEN

On the day of the 60th anniversary of her birthday in 2017 Atifa had nearly given her hope of ever having children when doctors informed her that she was now expecting a child after the fertility treatment.

Atifa fulfilled her dream for a lifetime after she delivered a beautiful baby girl.

I was aware that it would be an enormous risk for me, and my sole goal in my life was to have children, which was my fate. ” She stated.

God gave me the strength to confront my challenges without anxiety. The way I live my life is never more fulfilling.’


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