If you’re drawn to nature more than ever before, you’re not alone. The RSPB, the UK’s largest nature conservation charity, has revealed new research indicating overwhelming public support for putting nature at the center of the government’s coronavirus recovery efforts, with four out of five people agreeing..

Surviving the public health crisis, for example, forced us to reconsider our life choices, values, and aspirations. One has almost universally recognized the need for increased self-care, human connection, and Mother Nature.

So, if you’re looking for some greenery, animals, or soul-soothing natural gifts, check out this incredible collection of images inspired by the r/MildlyInteresting subreddit. From a spectacular desert bloom to a frozen windscreen that resembles an award-winning Everest glacier photo to stunning blooms and odd-shaped fruits, these are the natural wonders that individuals have discovered and had no choice but to share.


This Morning’s Frost Pattern On A Car

Frost Pattern On A Car This Morning



The Way My Windscreen Froze

The Way My Windscreen Froze



Today I saw the end of the rainbow.

I Saw The End Of The Rainbow Today


He works as a nature photographer and English teacher in Boston, Massachusetts. David’s fascinating nature photographs can be seen on his website “Decent Nature Photography.”

Nature photography, according to Taberner, is the most current iteration of his nature-based hobbies. “I’ve always spent my free time in nature, from childhood treks in the woods to long-distance hiking in my early twenties to daily dog walks around local conservation space in my adult life. I’ve always enjoyed taking images with my phone. Still, it wasn’t until my girlfriend got me a DSLR for Christmas that I discovered the world of photography.”


These bushes in my neighbourhood resemble elephants.

Yo These Vines In My Neighborhood Look Like An Elephant



This Camellia Flower’s Petals

The Petals Of This Camellia Flower



The word “no” is circled in my aunt’s cat’s fur pattern.

My Aunts Cat Has The Word No Circled In His Fur Pattern


The photographer also stated that he plans to utilize his pictures to promote conservation in the future. “I frequently wonder how much sharing my photos on the internet hurts rather than helps. Beautiful photographs of wild animals and unspoilt landscapes abound on Instagram sites like mine, leading the spectator to believe that all is fine in the natural world. The truth is that things are far from normal; “every day, more habitat is lost to development, and more carbon is emitted,” he said. Taberner also stated that his current challenge is “figuring out how to not maintain the illusion that everything is fine, but instead be an ally to the natural world.”


This cat lives in the parking lot of my place of business and has extra toes.

This Cat That Lives At The Parking Lot At My Job Has Extra Toes



5 Day Old Hedgehogs

5 Day Old Hedgehogs



There’s a stray cat with a perfect white moustache in our neighbourhood.

This Stray Cat In Our Neighborhood Has A Perfect White Mustache


He said that it’s hard to put into words what makes nature so magical and different from any other place. He said: “Waking up early and going for a walk on a trail, away from the cars and concrete that I’m used to, feels like a return or a homecoming.” When I’m in the woods, I try to turn my thoughts away from myself and instead look outside. What can I see, hear, smell, and feel? Focusing on my senses makes me feel more at home in the forest, improves my mental health, and helps me find compositions and see wildlife.

No, I don’t think there’s any doubt that people have become more disconnected from nature. Taberner told us that “nature” is the best way to show how independent we are from nature. Because nature is something separate from us, we think of it as a place that we can only visit once in a while. We’re not part of or live in nature.


This Geode looks like waves on the beach.

This Geode Looks Like A Ocean Waves On The Beach



As you can see, my Rhododendron looks like it wants to run away from me.

My Rhododendron Looks Like It's Trying To Run Off



It looked like some ants were carrying a glove up a lamp with their beaks.

I Saw Some Ants Carrying A Glove Up A Lamp


It’s not as easy as the nature photographer thinks to get people outside and enjoy nature, she says. He said that we seem to have a disconnect between how much we value nature and how much we waste, even among people who love nature.

Taberner thinks that even though he spends so much time looking at the natural world, he also knows that he helps to destroy it almost every time he buys something. “The truth is that our economy is based on taking advantage of people and the natural world.” When we don’t change our economy to be more sustainable and just, our disconnect from nature will be baked into our way of life, no matter what you or I do as individuals.


My Cat Has One Curly Whisker.

My Cat Has One Little Curly Whisker



This tree looks like a fish inside.

The Inside Of This Tree Looks Like A Fish



When I saw this Bumble Bee, I thought it looked great with the stitching on my shoe.

This Bumble Bee Lined Up Perfectly With The Stitches On My Shoe


People who want to know how a nature photographer’s day starts should understand that animals are usually most active at dawn.There is a lot of planning, scouting, trail cameras, and waiting for hours at a time in a blind for an animal to show up in this kind of photography.


Our New Kitty Has 24 Toes

Our New Kitty Has 24 Toes



My grandpa was proud to show off his huge homegrown cabbage.

My Grandad Showing Off His Gigantic Homegrown Cabbage



I took a panoramic picture of a tree in Georgia when it started to rain about halfway through the image.

I Was Taking A Panorama Picture Of A Tree In Georgia And It Started Raining Halfway Through



Is How The Light Strikes Because of the spiderweb, it looks like a back of a CD

The Way The Light Hits This Spiderweb Makes It Look Like A Cd-Rom



In my backyard, this Rainbow Vine started growing.

This Rainbow Vine Started Growing In My Backyard



All the Different Colors In The Eggs My Friend had her Chicken Lay.

The Variety Of Colors In The Eggs My Friend’s Chickens Laid



Look at this tomato. It looks like a rubber duckie.

This Tomato Looks Like A Rubber Duckie



Red Corn From Georgia

Red Corn From Georgia



Beautiful Tail On This Lizard

The Beautiful Tail On This Lizard I Saw



Gatlinburg, Tn was interrupted by a bear eating our food while sitting at the picnic table like a natural person did.

Our Cookout In Gatlinburg, Tn Was Interrupted By A Bear Who Sat Just Like A Human At The Picnic Table While He Finished Off Our Food



It looks like lightning has hit a concrete sidewalk, so I think it might be that, too.

Believe This Might Be A Lightning Strike On A Concrete Sidewalk



This is the little Octopus I found inside of a seashell!

Tiny Octopus I Found Inside A Seashell!



The World’s Most Dangerous Plant!

The World's Most Dangerous Plant!



The Ghost Deer that lives in our woods.

The Ghost Deer That Patrols Our Neck Of The Woods



This Tree I Found Grows Into Itself



Bird Friend

I Made A Bird Friend Yesterday



Gradient Blueberries

The Gradient This Clump Of Blueberries Makes



This Swirly Dandelion I Found



Perfectly Round Rock I Found At The Beach



This rock looks like a dragon’s head that has been cut off.

This Rock Looks Like A Decapitated Dragon's Head



This Big Ass Leaf. Wife For Scale



You can’t even see the glacier water.

I Found Glacier Water So Clear You Can Barely See It



A Salt Crystal I Grew At Home

A Salt Crystal I Grew At Home



My grandfather had a woodpecker land on his leg.

My Grandfather Had A Red-Headed Woodpecker Land On His Leg



Found This Fossil Today

Found This Fossil Today



I went for a walk in the morning near Seoul, South Korea. This mushroom resembled a “Veiled Lady.”

Found This ‘Veiled Lady’ Mushroom On A Hike This Morning Near Seoul, South Korea



Excessive Rain Resulted In Huge Blueberries

Excessive Rain Resulted In Huge Blueberries



My Driveway Tomato Doing Well



Lightning hit a neighbour’s tree. It now blooms at different stages.

Neighbors Tree Was Struck By Lightning, It Now Blooms In Different Stages



This Weird Lemon That Grew On Our Lemon Tree



I found many rocks on the beach and organized them by colour, so I did the same thing.

I Found A Bunch Of Rocks On A Beach And Organized Them By Color



I went to see a volcano near my home. During the last few months, this volcano in Iceland has been erupting all over the place.

Went To See A Volcano That Is Only A Couple Of Kilometres Away From My Home. This Volcano Has Been Erupting For The Past Months In Iceland



Then I saw these giant pumpkins on the highway.

These Large Pumpkins I Saw On The Freeway



He was born with a black hair spot in his blonde hair. Its birthmark or any other color is hidden beneath it.

My Son Was Born With A Black Spot Of Hair In His Blonde Hair. It Grows In Black, And There Is No Birth Mark Or Discoloration Under It



My phone is stuck to the sand in Tahoe.

The Sand In Tahoe Is Magnetic And Stuck To My Phone




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