Jackie Oelfke’s 5-year old granddaughter Sunshine Oelfke was looking through her piggy bank after school one day and asked her what she intended to do with it. Jackie was touched by the sweet response of this adorable girl.

Jackie explained,

Sunshine explained “I’m bringing money to school for my friend because my friend needs milk and I want my friend milk too.”

Sunshine had been saving her spare change and some money in hopes of buying a snowmobile one day. But she decided that helping her friend was more important.

Photo credit: Jackie Oelfke

Jackie stated that her granddaughter drinks milk every day to “become strong” for snowmobiling.

Photo credit: Jackie Oelfke

Sunshine and her grandma went together to school the next day. Sunshine had plenty of milk money and plastic bags for her friend. Jackie explained the purpose of the money that she brought to kindergarten.

Rita Hausher, Sunshine’s teacher, said, “I have always felt sorry that I had to tell a child, ‘no’ when they asked if they could have milk.” Mrs. Hauser was profoundly touched by Sunshine’s act of compassion.

Jackie was inspired by Sunshine to create a GoFundMe to help her classmate with their milk money. The goal is to raise $800 to pay for everyone’s milk during the remaining semester. She was surprised by the generosity of people all over the globe, who donated $19 730.

Photo credit: Jackie Oelfke

They were able not only to provide milk for Sunshine’s entire class but also to use the cash leftover to continue buying milk and food for Sunshine’s classmates as she moves through the grades.

Jackie said that the money would stay with Sunshine while she studies and so her friends can buy milk wherever she’s at.

Sunshine’s instructor commented, “Thanks for Sunshine’s act-of-kindness for one student. It has grown so large that it now encompasses everybody which makes my heart happy.”

“Wait a minute! Sunshine exclaimed excitedly to her grandmother, “My entire class got milk today.” The narrator said that “[My friend] now has milk money em>.”

“She didn’t realize how influential she was,”her grandmother explained , “but now she understands that she can do anything she sets her heart to.”

Jackie created this heartbreaking video about Sunshine’s heart after she left her at school.


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