The Scuba Diving Magazine “Through Your Lens Underwater Photo Contest,” which has been running for 16 years, has served as a fantastic source of underwater photography inspiration for many divers and photographers. There was an excellent outcome to this year’s competition.

Two thousand six hundred and thirty-six photographs were submitted for consideration, the most significant amount in the competition’s history. The judges worked exceptionally hard to choose the five finest images, which were separated into four categories: Behavior, Compact Camera, Macro, and Wide Angle. Each of the four categories had one grand prize winner and four first-place winners.

The main prize was awarded to photographer Evans Baudin for the second year in a row for his snap of a beautiful whale shark carrying more than 50 fish in its mouth. The photograph captured intimate contact with the whale shark, resulting in a “mind-blowing and jaw-dropping image,” according to the magazine.

Source: Scuba Diving Magazine

Evans Baudin shot Baja California, Mexico, with his Nikon D800. “I travelled on an expedition in June 2020, with a special permit, to photograph marine life and the effects of restricted maritime traffic as a result of Cyclone Ovidian 19.” Then, after two hours in the water with a school of silky sharks close to the surface, our captain exclaimed, ‘Whale sharks, just behind you!’ — a female whale shark measuring 12 meters in length. When I discovered that over 50 remoras were quietly enjoying a free ride in her mouth, the amazement was multiplied tenfold!”

It is the largest marine animal on the planet, with a maximum size of 20 meters and travelling great distances. They frequently collaborate with little fish, allowing them to clean their teeth and give them a ride wherever they wish in their mouth.

In Australia, Jules Casey won first place in behavior in the Port Phillip Bay International Regatta.

Source: Scuba Diving Magazine

In Compact Camera, Tobias Friedrich competed in Anilao, Philippines.

Source: Scuba Diving Magazine

Jeffrey Haines of West Palm Beach, Florida, took first place in Macro.

Source: Scuba Diving Magazine

In Puerto Morelos, Mexico, Martin Strmiska won first place in wide-angle photography.

Source: Scuba Diving Magazine

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