Richie is no exception to the rule that cats with unusual appearances have a higher probability of getting viral on the internet.

Even though Richie was born in November of 2020, it was immediately apparent that the lovable cat would be highly hairy!

Baby Richie, who is only a few weeks old, is adorable.

His appearance is unique and unusual because he appears to be wearing an additional fur coat over his own, giving him the formation of a lemur.

Photo by @richie_the_maincoon

Richie’s owners cared for two stray cats for more than two decades, showering them with affection. Immediately following their deaths, they took their time before welcoming a new cat into their home.

This time, they fell in love with a cute black smoke Main Coon kitten, utterly unaware that Richie would go on to become such a remarkable individual.

Photo by @richie_the_maincoon
Photo by @richie_the_maincoon

Meadow coons are adored for their striking appearance and their intellect and loyalty to their human families.

Richie is also a true ‘cat-dog,’ a distinguishing characteristic of Maine Coons.

“He likes to be with people and follows us around the house,” said the owner. When we are cooking, we refer to him as the sous-chef because he sits next to the spices and keeps an eye on everything we do,” his mother explains.

Cat Richie is an outgoing and curious creature who enjoys playing with other cats. Like the majority of cats, Richie also enjoys peering through windows for prey.

Photo by @richie_the_maincoon

It didn’t take long for Richie to achieve notoriety due to the incredible photos and videos shared on social media; his highly unique fur gives him the appearance of a magnificent creature.

Richie must have a regular morning routine that includes brushing him thoroughly to prevent knots from forming in his exceptionally long fur.

Photo by @richie_the_maincoon


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