Anyone who owns a pet is well aware that our pets overgrow. They quickly become friends and family members from the very first day they set foot in our home. They grow up alongside us and are always available to us. Their companionship is not only beneficial to our well-being, but they also bring joy and unconditional affection into our life. We will be eternally thankful to them and cherish them to the moon and back for their kindness and generosity.

This is why we’ve gathered the most beautiful photographs of individuals with their pets to share with you in honour of National Pet Day. These photographs can demonstrate that love and friendship are ageless and that even the passage of time will not destroy them.

1. 10 years goes by in a blink of an eye.

2. “My pet and I are in this together. Fourteen years have passed, and today.”

3. “Kimba, who I received as a birthday present when I was eight years old, is now sixteen years old.”

4. “My Connie is six weeks old and nine years old at the same time.”

5. “My boy Tobi”

6. “Roofus, our dachshund, is now 11 years old and is still the sweetest boy in the world.”

7. 15 years have elapsed between them.

8. 1998 to 2018

9. “He’s become too hefty for me to be able to hold him any longer.”

10. Even after seven years, this is still his favourite position…


12. BFF

13. The same boy, the same dog, the same couch… 16 years have elapsed between them.

14. “Dodger the doxie is still an important member of our family, despite the passage of time.”

15. “My dog and I have been together for 11 years.”

16. The first and last moments with Bluto were 15 years apart, but they were equally important.

17. There is a 16-year discrepancy.

18. “Twelve years later, my daughter and our dog.”


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