This is what people say about the animal world: They care a lot about their babies and show love to everyone. Some things happen that are so important that you’ll remember or tell your friends about them all the time. This is one of them. A report from Monterey Bay, California, says that this is a good thing. Suzi Eszterhas, a wildlife enthusiast and photographer, took this picture. Prepare to see a wonderful moment.

When the 40-year-old and skilled photographer saw that a mother otter was floating with her baby on her belly, which was not in the water, he was amazed and moved by what he saw. If you want to read more of the story, click on the link below. Then, in the comment box below, write down your thoughts.

More info & Photo courtesy: CatsMyLife


(Picture: Solent News)

She made sure her baby was dry and warm while she stayed above the water. Photographer: This well-known photographer was shocked to see this Otter mother’s generous love for her sweet little child.


(Picture: Solent News)


The Otter mom would go under the water to get some food that could be reached but keep her baby on the surface where it liked to be. In this case, the animal kingdom showed the purest form of love.


(Picture: Solent News)

Even though Suzi used a long lens to take this picture, the Otter mother already saw her. It doesn’t matter that Otters are usually very shy and secluded. This Otter mother kept her baby near Suzi’s surface and dived into the water to look for food.

This wildlife photographer was automatically moved from photographer to babysitter when the mom returned.


(Picture: Solent News)


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