What are some ways to celebrate your birthday? You might host a celebration, invite friends, or get flowers or a gift from your partner. You are unlikely to have been gifted a gift, unlike a centenarian woman. Elestine Lawson celebrated Elestine’s birthday on October 28, 2020. Yes, indeed, a Westerville florist surprised the 107-year old woman with 107 roses to celebrate her special day.

In a Facebook post, Lacey Crisp shared the things Elestine said helped her to survive all these years.


The gift of 107 roses was delivered to this 107-year-old woman by Battiste LaFleur Galleria in Columbia.

Elestine exclaimed as she saw the roses specially chosen for her: “They are beautiful!”

Elestine didn’t know the source of this extraordinary gesture at the time. However, she later learned that it was sent to Elestine by members of her church. It is not surprising that she attributes her long life to her faith in God and her love.

She replied “Praise God” when she was asked how others could live as long as she did.

You might be wondering if the centenarian lived past 108. According to her obituary she “went home with the Lord” four months later on February 10, 2021. She passed away peacefully in her home, surrounded by her loved ones.

Elestine Evelyn’s obituary tells her story and explains how she became the 107 year-old woman that has been widely covered around the globe. She was born in Macon, Georgia in 1913. At the age of ten she moved to Columbus. Elestine Lawson married Isiah Lawson and had one son, Nathan Lawson. He died before her. She had four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. She was a close friend for life who she considered her family.

This 107-year old woman, who was a Pilgrim Missionary Baptist church member for 97 years, was dedicated to her faith. Elestine loved spending time with her family and reminiscing about the times she spent growing up in Georgia. She also enjoyed traveling.

Her family says her legacy was to honor God and to respect elders. She also wanted to live life to its fullest.

Elestine is an extraordinary age, but she didn’t set any new records. Thelma Sutcliffe, 115 years old, of Omaha (Nebraska) celebrated her birthday October 1, 2021. She is the oldest living American.

Pete Festersen, a City Council Member, sent a birthday greeting for this centenarian.

When she was 109, Thelma had a big birthday party at her local TV station. But she wanted a private party when she turned 115.

Gerontologists are interested in the lives of Centenarians, no matter how old they get. These people are studied to find out why they live so long, according to researchers. Elestine may be right when she states that her faith and love have helped her live longer. Thomas Theodore Samaras stated that family ties and a positive attitude towards life are key factors.


Statista.com predicts that the number of centenarians will increase. 2016 saw 82 centenarians living; by 2060, 589 will have reached 100. There will be 93, including Betty Sausto, my grandmother. Guc (as she was known) will be 100 years old on May 29, 2020. Our family was due to meet in Sarasota to celebrate her 100th Birthday, but the COVID-19 outbreak forced us to cancel. She died at nearly 101 years old.

Here’s to Guc and all the centenarians, past and present! Praise the Lord!


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